How to Choose the Right Towing Service for Your Needs

While we may not think it’ll happen to us as drivers, your vehicle can experience a breakdown, accident, or emergency at any time. When this inevitably happens, it’s important to have a tow truck company partner picked out so you can dial in and get help as soon as possible.

Let our Elite Towing & Recovery team make the process easier for you by narrowing down the choices and helping you feel confident in the people taking care of your car. Follow our tips below for selecting the perfect car towing service in Portland, OR, and get 24/7 emergency roadside assistance now!


Assess Your Needs & Situation

Determining your specific emergency tow truck needs and assessing the situation is crucial when deciding who to call. Does your vehicle frequently break down? Is it rare for you to have auto issues and you just need mobile roadside assistance every once in a while? Choose a Portland tow truck company that can help with all of this — including one-off accident recovery towing.


Response Time & Availability

When you need to call a tow truck, prompt response time is crucial. Do your research and look at the average response time of different towing services you are considering. Opt for a company that offers 24/7 emergency roadside assistance to help you when you need it, no matter if it’s day or night.


Research & Read Reviews

Do your due diligence by researching and reading reviews of different car towing services. Look for companies with a majority of positive customer experience and feedback so you can feel confident in your choice. Check online platforms and social media to get an idea of the experiences others have had with these companies so you’re not taking a shot in the dark.


Compare Roadside Help Providers

While straight towing should not be the sole criterion for choosing the right mobile roadside assistance provider, it is essential to compare different companies before making a final choice. Make sure the partner you choose can help with everything that may happen: fuel delivery, tire changes, auto transportation, and more.

Choose Elite Towing & Recovery in Portland

Choosing the right towing service is crucial for a smooth and efficient resolution to your roadside emergencies. Get the help you need with Elite Towing & Recovery anytime!

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